Senior Influence: Digital Marketing's Silent Revolution

July 13, 2023

The world of digital marketing is constantly evolving. Today, one trend in particular deserves our attention: the emergence of the senior influencer. Senior citizens, long neglected in the influencer landscape, are gaining ground and revolutionizing the way brands target and engage their customers. Let's discover this new wave together.

Senior influencers, a breath of fresh air in influencer marketing

The majority of well-known influencers are young, often between the ages of 18 and 30. However, a shift is underway. Profiles of influencers aged over 45 are beginning to gain in popularity and relevance. These figures bring a new dimension to the influencer sphere, introducing products and services tailored to an older audience and their specific needs.

In addition to their own generation, these senior influencers also have a significant impact on other age groups. Their recommendations can influence the purchasing decisions of younger people, particularly when it comes to products for their parents or grandparents. What's more, they provide a valuable and much-needed representation of age diversity in the media.

The power of senior influence

Senior citizens not only have significant purchasing power, but also immense potential for influence. Contrary to popular belief, many seniors are comfortable with technology and social media. In fact, 70% of seniors are online and regularly use digital devices.

Their influence extends far beyond their immediate social circles. Seniors are often seen as sources of wisdom and experience, and their recommendations are generally perceived as reliable and credible.

Engaging the senior generation: strategies for brands

Engaging the senior generation requires a deep understanding of their needs, values, and online behaviors. Here are some strategies for brands:

  • Collaborating with senior influencers: Collaborating with senior influencers can help brands reach and engage this audience. Senior influencers can share product reviews, tutorials, and brand stories that resonate with the senior generation.
  • Creating relevant content: Content must be accessible, relevant and interesting to the senior generation. This can include videos, blog articles, and social media posts that address their interests and concerns.

At Okev, we understand the growing importance of senior influencers in marketing. That's why we now offer senior profiles, in France and internationally, to help brands reach and engage this valuable audience. Our senior influencers, selected for their authentic engagement with their followers, can help your brand connect meaningfully with a diverse audience, while successfully navigating this new digital marketing landscape.

In conclusion, the senior influencer is a powerful force poised to transform the digital marketing landscape. Brands that recognize and harness this trend will be better placed to succeed in this new landscape.