History of OKEV

January 27, 2022

The history of OKEV

OKEV, a marketing and communications agency based in the heart of Paris, quickly became aware of a significant problem in the specialized field of marketing. After working with a number of brands with varying objectives, each requiring a different set of skills, OKEV realized a common underlying problem faced by almost all of them.

To be more efficient and to be able to focus on their core competencies, companies often outsource their marketing or any particular division. This allows them to benefit from the variety of experts available with specialized experience tailored to their business needs. However, this approach has its drawbacks, as outsourcing is often not done by a single company, but rather spread across a wide variety of agencies, especially in the case of marketing with its ever-changing definition and broad scope. This often leads to inefficiencies and communication problems.

For example, today, brands are turning to influencer marketing in droves, with large budgets involving influencer strategy. By the end of 2022, influencer marketing is expected to be valued at €16 billion, an 18.8% increase from the 2021 estimate. Influencer marketing would have grown tenfold since its supposed start in 2016. If implemented correctly, it can be one of the most successful marketing techniques, with many benefits such as increased revenue, improved customer loyalty, credibility boost, brand awareness and more.

Nevertheless, even after more than five years, brands often find themselves unable to take full advantage of influencer marketing. They often find themselves trapped in an ineffective influencer strategy or partnering with the wrong influencer, resulting in lost opportunities and goals because finding the right influencer, developing relationships with them and creating the right strategy takes time, effort and experience. The OKEV Group understood these issues and responded in its own way. The company started as a digital agency in 2019 in London, now called OKEV Group, with a full digital strategy and marketing services, including websites, branding, paid ads, social media marketing and more.

Following the success of its 360 digital division with numerous brands, the agency expanded its services to influencer marketing with a new headquarters in Paris, where it developed in-house talent with a diverse set of international influencers offering quality and impactful content under the name OKEV Talents. This division has broken barriers and benefited companies by offering international talent with significant visibility in the most powerful countries in Europe. This growth has allowed them to address and offer an all-in-one solution, with sufficient resources and dedicated teams, to brands experiencing ineffective influencer campaigns or engaging with the wrong influencer that doesn't match their brand identity.

With the development of new divisions in the future, OKEV intends to complement its previous services and help brands by bringing different aspects of marketing under one roof. For example, OKEV Group integrates influencer marketing into its clients' digital strategy, so that by providing OKEV with a budget, clients get integrated services that add real value to clients. With a deep understanding of the particular strengths and weaknesses of each medium, OKEV Group effectively manages any issues such as blasts on social networks and mitigates damage on other channels without confusion.

With this strategy, OKEV's mission is to eliminate the hassle of working with multiple agencies and offer a much more efficient and cost-effective way to create marketing strategies and assets for businesses, assuring brands that their needs are met without having to repeat the same process of integrating with different companies under one fee and usually one account manager for all their marketing needs. Soon, they are also planning new expansions to solidify their international presence and offer many international brands a local base and approach, making OKEV the most effective and impactful marketing and communications agency.